Cleaning Out The Dirtiest, Grossest Car Imaginable

For some of us, we have a very rigorous detailing routine. As gearheads, we can ...

For some of us, we have a very rigorous detailing routine. As gearheads, we can sometimes tend to go a little bit overboard on making sure our rides are clean. This might involve a special regiment that we do to maintain all sorts of different materials. Of course, such regiment comes alongside our own very choice selection of detailing products, as well. That’s on one end of the spectrum. Let’s just say that between this person who’s crazy about their car and what we see here, there are a whole lot of steps in between. In fact, this Volvo V70 might be all the way in the other end of the spectrum. Nobody has touched this car in a long time.

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In this one, we take the opportunity to dig into the Volvo that has certainly seen better days. While some people are completely crazy about maintaining the clean status of their ride, others not so much. In fact, it might be mind blowing, how some folks don’t clean their vehicles for years or maybe even their entire ownership of the vehicle. Needless to say, things can get a little bit gross inside. It’s kind of I struggle to even imagine driving along regularly in a vehicle with so much built up grime throughout the interior.

By following along with the video below, we meet with the man who decided to tackle such a dirty car. This one is so thoroughly filled with disgustingness that even the seats have to be removed. For those who are looking for an inside scoop on how exactly they can clean up their entire vehicle, from top to bottom, this one might just provide that guide! We think that every can use some tips from this video. A thorough clean is necessary, every once in a while!

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