COCKY Lamborghini Owner Gets DESTROYED By A Stock Mclaren

When it comes down to drag racing, there are all kinds of different matchups that can ...

When it comes down to drag racing, there are all kinds of different matchups that can catch your eye. Whether it be two completely different platforms showing off or a couple of cars that are in the same category going head to head, you can always enjoy a good race. There’s just something about a couple of closely matched machine going at it to see which one has a slight edge on the other that will really make you stop what you’re doing and pay attention to see which of these cars has the benefit of more power.

This time, Parker from Vehicle Virgins takes out his Lamborghini Huracan out and puts it to the test against a couple of McLaren powerhouses when he clashes with Drag Times. No matter what happens here, I would be inclined to say that everybody involved is a winner, how are you going to have a bad time when you’re behind the wheel of any of these vehicles? The answer that is that I don’t think that having a bad time in this situation is really possible. In a worst-case scenario, I think maybe one of them will decide that they need to go home and invest a little bit of money into modifying their already outrageous machines in the name of more power.

Follow along with the video down below that will take you inside of this high dollar race that shows you exactly how these exotics function when you put them up against one another in a straight line battle. Before watching this one, who was your choice to take home this victory? After watching, be sure to tell us if you’re shocked at how the outcome ended up panning out or if you saw it all coming from a mile away.

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