Collapsing Mountain Side in Malibu Almost Nails Parked Cars

When mother nature is on a roll, there is no stopping her! One minute, you could be ...

When mother nature is on a roll, there is no stopping her! One minute, you could be simply hanging out during a sunny day without a cloud in the sky and the next, she could be throwing something at you that you never expected in a million years whether it be a tornado, a tidal wave, or something else like this.

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In this one, we watch a video that shows off a mountainside in Malibu that slowly begins deteriorating, when all of a sudden, a good chunk of it just falls off of the side. It starts slowly at first, but around 1:26 mark, big pieces really start to come dislodged.

Unfortunately for the people who chose this parking lot on this day, it looks like the pieces that fell might have caused some damage to the cars sitting below but this one could’ve been much worse when you think about it. This could’ve Involved a lot more falling rock that could have done more damage or even worse, caused injury or death. In either case, the whole thing can be seen below!

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