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SSG39 Redeye Limited Edition Bundle

SSG39 Redeye Limited Edition Bundle

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Introducing the all-new "F8 Fury" Hellcat Redeye Car Collection Bundle by Speed Society. Immerse yourself in the world of horsepower and precision with this premium army green tee that's designed to make a statement.

On the back of the tee, prepare to be captivated by the roaring spectacle of our SSG39 F8 Fury Hellcat Redeye as it conquers the canyons, leaving its mark on the asphalt. The meticulously detailed print showcases not only the prowess of this iconic machine but also bears the signature Speed Society logo, reminding you of the unwavering pursuit of excellence that we stand for. The Hell Cat logo adds a touch of fierce elegance, underscoring the intensity of this design.

Look closer, and you'll discover the intricate markings of the exclusive giveaway SSG39, elevating this tee to a collector's item that embodies exclusivity and automotive artistry.

The arm proudly displays the F8 Fury Redeye logo, a testament to the raw power and exhilaration that every true car enthusiast craves. It's a nod to the heart-pounding performance that defines our collection.

On the front chest, the hallowed-out Speed Society logo is elegantly displayed in the same dynamic color scheme, a subtle yet bold statement that embodies the spirit of the open road and the camaraderie of automotive enthusiasts.

Included in the bundle is our car collection decal sheet that features an array of meticulously designed images and logos.

Crafted from premium materials, this bundle ensures not only comfort but also longevity. Whether you're revving up your own engine or simply want to embody the spirit of high-speed adventures, the F8 Fury Car Collection Tee by Speed Society is the ultimate choice. Join the ranks of those who share a passion for performance, precision, and the pursuit of the extraordinary. Are you ready to wear the speed?


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