Bill Proposes Fine Against Parking In EV Charging Spots

Modern problems require modern solutions. Just when we thought that we had everything ...

Modern problems require modern solutions. Just when we thought that we had everything figured out, a new technology comes around that creates new issues. Sure, technology is great when it’s ironed out. However, before that comes, there are sometimes trials and tribulations that go along with it. The perfect example that embodies this concept is the electric vehicle. If these things performed optimally at all times, they might replace combustion as we know it. However, we have seen the electric car go through some hurdles early in its mass-produced lifecycle.

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This time, we take a look at what might be an unintended side effect of electric cars taking over roadways. Unfortunately, battery technology isn’t yet good enough for these vehicles to be able to run for days or weeks at a time. Instead, it turns out that heavily used vehicles might need to be recharged at all sorts of different places. Whether it’s a shopping mall or rest stop, it’s quite common to see electric vehicle charging stations. However, it seems like sometimes, people don’t exactly play nice with EVs.

In fact, Colorado is attempting to pass a bill that will fine people who park in EV spots without charging their vehicles. Not only will bill 1298 apply to combustion powered vehicles, says The Drive, but it will also apply to rechargeable vehicles that aren’t using the charger. In Colorado, this bill that is now in the State Senate will produce a $150 fine along with a $32 dollar surcharge for violators. The Drive continues on to say that this won’t be a blanket rule, either. In some instances like hotel parking or airport parking, anyone can park wherever a space is available.

The naysayers argue that the situation is a non-issue. In such a case, we’re not sure why it’s worth even arguing against.

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