Comcast Repair Trucks Cause Multiple Car Crashes on Snow Filled Road

A little common sense really goes a LONG way on the road, but especially when driving ...

A little common sense really goes a LONG way on the road, but especially when driving in icy and wet conditions. It’s really hard to say who is actually more to blame here, or perhaps there is enough to go around.

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Setting up a cable repair bucket truck in a travel lane is risky under the best of conditions. Setting one up on the backside of a small rise in the road so that oncoming traffic only has a few hundred feet to react is even more risky. Doing so in the middle of a snowstorm when the roads are very slick does seem somewhat negligent, but that doesn’t stop the crew from setting up to work, despite warnings from the guy who posted this video.

On the other hand, drivers on this road do seem to have a hard time coping with the road conditions, but they seem insistent on driving the speed limit, which is ridiculous with the roads in this shape. Even the ones who appear to be traveling slowly still find themselves in the ditch, and one driver who appears to be going over the posted 40 MPH speed limit causes a chain-reaction crash, sending himself slipping and sliding through two private yards, including bouncing off a tree in one of them.

Regardless of who is to blame here, this is a perfect storm of bad ideas that results in exactly what you’d expect: cars piled up on the side of the road and angry drivers! Be safe out there, folks, and use a little common sense anytime you’re behind the wheel!

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