Comedian Bill Burr on Aaron Kaufman Leaving Gas Monkey Garage

When it comes to a situation that everybody has had their eyes on, you can bet your ...

When it comes to a situation that everybody has had their eyes on, you can bet your bottom dollar that the explosive news that Aaron Kaufman would take his leave from Gas Monkey Garage had the entire world watching. Everybody from celebrities to your every day Gas Monkey Garage viewer and everywhere in between really had their focus dialed in as the dramatics went down. Heck, even some people who don’t normally watch Gas Monkey were probably tuned in to see how this whole thing would unfold. Even one of the biggest comedians in the game today, Bill Burr, was watching as the duo split their ties.

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This time, we get a minute to check in with Burr as he tells all in his podcast. What exactly was going through his mind at the time? We’re bound to get a funny one-liner or two that gives us the lowdown on exactly how he took the news. In addition, we hear all about what Burr thinks Kaufman has in his future and what he hopes the former Gas Monkey star will get into as he advances with his career. We have a couple of inklings of what Aaron has in his future, but as of right now, the full picture has yet to be painted for Kaufman.

Rehash the situation through the comedian’s eyes down in the video below as he talks all about the moment that it happened and what he thought when all of the build up finally came to a head as the moment presented itself on television.

After splitting ways with his former employer, what do you want to see Aaron Kaufman get into for the rest of his career? He has certainly given us some interesting tidbits about what kinds of builds he wants to get into but the details have yet to come.

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