Comedian’s Rolls Royce Gets Destroyed By A Drunk Driver

Imagine being a professional comedian (instead of an amateur like myself) and being ...

Imagine being a professional comedian (instead of an amateur like myself) and being on stage with the legendary Dave Chapelle. You’re cutting up with one of the greatest in the game and you are suddenly interrupted by a tap on the shoulder. A voice whispers in your ear, telling you that someone has just hit your car.

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That’s exactly what happened to Michael Blackson and his Rolls Royce, which was hammered by a drunk driver during the comedian set. The Rolls suffered significant damage to the driver’s side front quarter panel, extending rearward to the door, and likely the hood, as well as the wheel and tire. The mirror was also left dangling from the A-pillar.

The car driven by the alleged drunk driver was found a short distance away with heavy damage to the front end, including a missing passenger front wheel, which was found propped neatly against a Jeep parked just in front of Blackson’s Rolls. In this clip, shared by TMZ, the alleged drunk driver can be seen talking with police and giving a breathalyzer test, but based on the scene it seems an almost certainty that he will be convicted of driving under the influence.

This is just one of the many dangers of driving while intoxicated, and it’s just sheer luck that nobody seems to have been seriously injured in the carnage. While this particular crash is almost taken lightheartedly, hundreds of families are shattered each year when they lose loved ones to crashes involving drunk drivers. Driving itself is a very risky proposition, especially knowing how many distracted drivers there are on the road these days. Adding in the effects of alcohol only serve to make things even more dangerous.

With companies like Lyft, Uber and traditional taxis, there’s no excuse for getting behind the wheel if you’re drunk. Use your head, folks, for something other than guzzling alcohol!


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