New Company Sells Innovative Pothole Band-Aid in a Box

There are a lot of things that we disagree about here in America and across the ...

There are a lot of things that we disagree about here in America and across the world. However, I think that one thing that we can all get on the same page about is the fact that potholes suck. Nobody wants to be driving down a patch of the perfectly paved road only to be greeted by a thumping and potential damage to their vehicle. Potholes can be a good way of taking a calm drive and making it nerve-racking. They might be one of the biggest stressors out there on the roadways outside of all of those other idiots who don’t how to drive, of course.

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In a lot of areas, potholes go unrepaired. This can be a problem that plagues the motorists of said area unrelentingly. However, even when the nuisances do get repaired, there’s no guarantee that the repair is going to hold up. Sometimes, a fix might be sloppy. Other times, it’ll be done just fine but the materials won’t be able to hold up to the conditions. After all, with all of the traffic and weather that a roadway is exposed to, these repairs need to hold up to a lot of abuse. What if someone could go about repairing a pothole in such a way that would keep the weather out, though?

By following along with the video below, we are introduced to an invention by the name of “American Road Patch.

Essentially, it’s supposed to provide a superior way of repairing potholes most effectively. Essentially, the person repairing the hole will be able to fill it in before slapping it with a giant Band-Aid. This patch alleges to be able to not only hold up to all of the traffic but also be able to deter contaminants like rainwater. The company asserts that it will provide a watertight seal.

Is this the end all be all for pothole repair? What we have now clearly isn’t cutting it!


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