Compilation Shows Drivers Who Pushed The Limits, Immediately Lit Up By Police

For anyone who has ever been behind the wheel of a high-performance automobile, you ...

For anyone who has ever been behind the wheel of a high-performance automobile, you know that you might just have to see just how the car likes being stretched to its limits. Whether that be through burnouts, hard launches, or brutal accelerations, sometimes, it can really take a lot of self-control to keep yourself out of trouble. After all, some of these machines that you find yourself behind the wheel of are just so incredible and they’re basically begging you to test out their performance but I think that as you continue to learn, eventually you find out that there are definitely places for wild exhibitions and apparently these guys weren’t in on that memo.

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In this demonstration, we check out a whole group of drivers who apparently had no idea that there was some sort of law enforcement right behind them and they were certainly not acting like there was. If you’re wondering if any of this would lead to any of the aforementioned ways of acting out, these drivers had done it all. However, before long, they’d find that red and blue lights would be lighting up as officers were ready to either give them a slap the wrist if they were lucky or a nice little book of fines, if not. Sometimes, I guess that one’s awareness of the situation just isn’t where it needs to be and that was definitely the case for the drivers pictured here.

If you follow along with the compilation video below, you will be able to catch up with a whole variety of different offenders who simply got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. If this isn’t a wakeup call for these guys and gals to keep it off the street, I’m not sure what is. I guess that the lesson learned here is that maybe you should always drive as if the police are watching.

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