Complete Strangers Surprise Son of Fallen Soldier with Dad’s Old Car

For most kids who are looking to get their hands on their first car, many are looking ...

For most kids who are looking to get their hands on their first car, many are looking for the coolest set of wheels that they can get. I think that most youngsters have a realistic picture of what exactly they will be able to afford for their first car in their head, however that doesn’t stop them for looking for the best thing they can get their hands on with that money that might just draw a little bit of attention. However, for this youngster goes by the name of Justin, he isn’t looking for the flashiest ride in the school parking lot but instead, one that holds sentimental value to him.

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When Justin was just nine months old, his father, Army First Lieutenant Jonathan Rozier, who was serving his country in Iraq would be killed at war. Without being able to tangibly have his father in his life, Justin would turn to little mementos to be able to have a piece of his father. When he would become old enough to be of the age to finally drive, Justin would be on the hunt for a special car, any car that his father had driven at one point in time. It didn’t necessarily have to be something spectacular in nature but instead, just something that his dad had wheeled around in at one point or another. That will be more than enough for Justin.

It would seem like a long shot, to say the least, but Justin’s mother would reach out on Facebook to see if she could make any type of momentum happen to begin to track down one of the vehicles owned by Justin’s father. Eventually, through the power of the internet, she would come up with the location of the 1999 Toyota Celica and, entirely through the help of strangers, a situation would be set up so that Justin could have one of Dad’s rides. Not only would a group of strangers two states away pool together money to buy the car but would push forward with an effort to completely restore it as well so that Justin would have something awesome to drive as a first car. When they surprised him with it, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the entire house.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to get in on that situation and see it for yourself. It’s pretty amazing to see people come through like this and do something good for a complete stranger who might be able to use the pick-me-up.


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