Confirmed: Packers Star QB, Aaron Rodgers, is Dating a NASCAR Driver

When it comes to things that we normally post on Speed Society, you’ll hear ...

When it comes to things that we normally post on Speed Society, you’ll hear bout everything from the latest behind-the-scenes Street Outlaws Drama all the way to Baja Racing and even things as niche as wicked go-karts. One thing that we don’t really take too much time to talk about, though, is celebrity romance, but this time, we came up with a story that is pretty interesting, to say the least, and definitely caught our attention as two people who are quite prominent, one in the motorsports industry, have found themselves in a romantic relationship.

Recently, the Associated Press broke the news as we found out that NFL All-Star and arguably the best quarterback in the league, Aaron Rodgers, is now mixing it up with NASCAR driver, Danica Patrick. Patrick, a Chicago Bears fan at heart, first met Rodgers at the ESPYs back in 2012 when she said that she might root for him as a player, but couldn’t quite bring herself to support the Packers as a whole. I mean, when you grow up on one brand of football, you can’t just go switching to the rival team, after all. However, as of recently, that tune might have just changed a little bit.

Patrick plans to hang up the helmet after racing two more races in the Daytona 500 and Indianapolis 500 this upcoming year before giving up the NASCAR circuit and instead choosing to work on her own personal brand. It seems as if she’ll be pursuing the fitness industry in the near future which, while it might have nothing to do with her new relationship, is probably a lot more accommodating than having both partners traveling consistently throughout the year and having intense schedules to combat. You can also look for Rodgers to hopefully return to the football field at full health early next season.

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