Construction Worker Battles Repo Men, Flips their Car with a Bulldozer

If there’s one line of work that we have definitely heard of horror stories ...

If there’s one line of work that we have definitely heard of horror stories from it would be that of debt collection and repossession. If someone hasn’t been paying their bills, there’s a good chance that they still won’t want to give up the money when you confront them or simply not have it.

When people get themselves into this situation that can tend to be a little bit awkward to deal with, well, some can tend to lash out and get angry, potentially to cover up the fact that they are embarrassed and probably never pictured their situation getting to a level like this when they first got into it.

This time, we check out a video that has what is allegedly a debt collection that has gone wrong! We watch on as the person on the receiving end of this repo mission takes out their aggression by flipping over a car with the piece of construction equipment.

It’s not really apparent who was in the right or the wrong here because of very little information that we have to go off of but I don’t think that destroying a car like that is really helping anybody’s clause. It looks like this just stepped up from a credit infraction to criminal charges if everything is as it appears!

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