Cooking a Pop Tart With a Turbo… What Could Go Wrong?

When it comes to all of the wacky things that you could do with a car that perhaps ...

When it comes to all of the wacky things that you could do with a car that perhaps said car was not built to do, the results are really limitless. With platforms like YouTube, these thoughts that might’ve been, well, simply thoughts, are brought to life in ways like we have never seen before. But whether that’s for better or worse, we have yet to decide. However, one thing that we certainly can say is that watching these experiments unfolded in front of our eyes ends up being pretty entertaining as the wackiness really continues to grow in the most unexpected ways.

This time, we catch up with Rob Dahm and his infamous Mazda RX-7. As it turns out, he isn’t doing any of his normal rotary powered shenanigans but instead, has decided to try something out to see if he can cook his breakfast on the turbo’s exhaust housing as it heats up pretty intensely. Obviously, there’s really not much scientific value in this video other than entertainment that you get from it but we can’t help but be incredibly interested in Rob’s thoughts to see exactly how well the turbo does with the Pop-tart thoroughly. The following review is quite hilarious.

If this sounds like just your kind of crazy, you might want to tune in down in the video below and see the entire process along with Rob’s thoughts on the matter. This certainly isn’t your everyday cooking show but is one with a twist that we can definitely get behind. After checking this one out, be sure to post what you think of Rob’s methods of bringing this Pop-tart to life on his hot exhaust. I’m not sure that we could recommend that you try this with your breakfast but watching from behind the screen gets pretty interesting.

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