Cops Squash Dung Beetle Test Hit | Street Outlaws

Cops Squash Dung Beetle Test Hit | Street OutlawsEnter to win this 850hp GT-R/$50,000 ...

Cops Squash Dung Beetle Test Hit | Street Outlaws

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It’s no trade secret that street racing bears more than its fair share of obstacles and dangers. One of the most prevalent in the underground sport is that of police interaction.

Because racing on public roads isn’t exactly law abiding behavior, racers always have to keep an eye over their shoulders, looking for the police to be hot on their trail.

This time, we check out Street Outlaws very own AZN as he takes his Volkswagen Beetle out to the streets for a couple of test hits, only to get shut down by the police.

Check out the video below to see what happens when the police show up after hearing about some reckless driving going down in the area.


Watch Daddy Dave blasting down the strip in a ProCharged Malibu.


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