Corvette Enthusiasts Catches the Mid-Engine C8 in the Wild, Grabs a Video

Ever since we can remember when people have been talking about and speculating about ...

Ever since we can remember when people have been talking about and speculating about the Chevrolet Corvette, it seems like the conversation always takes a turn in the direction of a mid engine and car. I’m not sure what it is about this concept but it always seems to come back up around with each generation of cars as folks speculate that the Corvette will be the next vehicle to take the leap into supercar territory if it isn’t already there. As of now, we have just seen the emergence of the C7 Corvette ZR1 as that machine starts to roll out into the streets, however, just over the horizon there’s a lot more be excited about for Corvette fans.

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Outside of dropping it straight in our laps and having the car actually be announced, we have seen all sorts of evidence to support the idea that the next platform that the Corvette comes out on will, in fact, don the mid engine, or at least some variant of the Chevrolet performance machine will reside on such a platform. All sorts of evidence from alleged designs filed to be patented all the way to spy photographs that show off what this mid engine variant of the Chevrolet performance machine might look like, we have seen this thing from all sortst of angles and this time, it’s all about the video footage.

If you follow along below, you’ll be able to see the footage as the owner of this supercharged C5 Corvette was able to catch up with a couple of test mules out the wild as drivers pushed these cars to see exactly what was ready for the public and what might need to be changed. This definitely had an be an exciting experience for the driver to stumble upon and we’re glad that he took the liberty of recording a video so that we could ride along with them.

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