Corvette Fused Together With a Jeep Makes an Epic Roadster That Does Killer Burnouts

With the current state of affairs in America, most motorsports have been shut down. ...

With the current state of affairs in America, most motorsports have been shut down. It’s kind of a little bit disheartening that we can’t get out there and play with our toys as the weather gets better. However, a “better safe than sorry” approach to this whole coronavirus situation seems like the best course of action for the time being.

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However, that doesn’t mean that you have to take this whole thing sitting down. Instead, some folks are getting a little bit creative in order to make YouTube content. This time, we check out a video that is creative on a whole variety of different levels.

For starters, the rig here might not be very familiar to most people. That’s probably because this is a custom homemade creation from theĀ GARAGE IdiotSĀ Youtube channel. What we’re looking at is ingenuity in motion. What started off as a Chevrolet Corvette has since been paired with a Jeep Wrangler. The machine that we end up with is a sort of roadster that takes a minute to absorb.

From there, the video format also has us impressed. Now, this clip does appear to have been posted before the COVID-19 outbreak. However, it does give us some ideas as to how we might proceed to spend our time in isolation. I also feel like this is the part where we have to slap the “Don’t try this at home” label on this one.

By following along with the video below, we watch as the contraption rips a pretty gnarly burnout. We can’t help but be impressed by this collaboration of parts that comes together in a roadster that looks like an absolute blast. When creativity is unleashed in the garage, we never know where it’s going to go. In this case, we’re absolutely loving the Frankenstein Corvette Jeep mashup.

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