Corvette ZR1 vs HGP VW Golf VI R 3.6 Bi-Turbo

Corvette ZR1 vs HGP VW Golf VI R 3.6 Bi-TurboWIN THIS 1000HP+ HELLCAT OR $50K ...

Corvette ZR1 vs HGP VW Golf VI R 3.6 Bi-Turbo

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The VW Golf VI R 3.6 Bi-Turbo is a lot of car in a small package. Now, because that ideology is thrown around a lot, you might think that we’re saying that just to make the car seem like it’s better than it really is.

In reality, the Golf can speak for itself. Check out this video as the VW goes head to head with Chevrolet’s flagship, the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. If you think that Chevy’s supercharged flagship would easily kill off the VW hatchback, then you thought wrong. Check out this video below and you should be up to speed in no time.

If after watching the video there’s still any doubt in your head, the second video should reaffirm what you just laid eyes on.

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