Could Plastic Wrap Stop a Car? There’s No Way…

If you have never seen the Garage 54 YouTube channel, you’re surely missing ...

If you have never seen the Garage 54 YouTube channel, you’re surely missing out. When it comes to the experiments, these guys lay it on thick, trying out all sorts of different obscure little ideas that definitely don’t seem like things that would ever work, in reality. However, at the end of all of these obscure experiments, we actually end up being quite surprised as, time after time, we end up finding that we learned quite a bit of information that we never thought we really even needed to know in the first place. However, the journey is usually pretty entertaining as the experiments that you would never expect really grab your attention.

This time, it’s yet another trial that falls into that same vein of being a little bit quirky yet entertaining. The subject of discussion this time is none of them plastic wrap that you might find in your very own kitchen. Now, how could plastic wrap potentially be involved with a car in an experiment? Well, it turns out that the idea here is to wrap it around a couple of trees and make a nice thick barrier, attempting to stop a moving vehicle. This actually seems like a situation that might get a little bit painful if the plastic wrap holds up but, in all honesty, who really thinks that this stuff is going to be able to withstand a blow from a moving vehicle?

If you follow along with the video below, you might just be a touch surprised at this performance that has plastic wrap doing its diligence and then some. If this isn’t a good advertisement for the people behind this wrap to incorporate into their marketing plan, we’re not sure what it is. Just in case you were wondering if the plastic wrap in your kitchen would be able to withstand blunt force from a vehicle, the video below will lay out exactly what you can expect.

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