Could You Imagine if Prices Were Still Like This Today?

Over the years, as the pickup truck market has come along nicely, it seems like the ...

Over the years, as the pickup truck market has come along nicely, it seems like the prices that you see accompanying these things have gotten really outrageous. From back in the day when the truck was just an item that you would use to go to work, things have gotten pretty insane as these machines are now up there, competing in price with some of the muscle luxurious vehicles that you can buy today. The truck market looks completely different from even as recent as maybe 10 years ago where it seems like the manufacturers were still trying to figure the consumer out.

However, even with all this development, you can still get yourself a pretty basic truck for what seems to be a decent deal today. However, the deals of today definitely don’t compare in the slightest of the deals that you might’ve gotten over forty years ago in 1977. Now, we get that this is how the economy works and how everything is more expensive but a video like this has us wondering what the world would be like if trucks cost what they did all those years ago as these prices don’t even touch $6000 for a brand-new late-model truck.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll find yourself appreciating just how simple things were in the old days as this 1977 sales special is looking to get all of the previous year’s models off of the lot and doing so at prices that you can’t even buy a 20-year-old used truck for these days. It’s pretty incredible how far prices come and how inflation alongside market evolution keeps on making everything more and more expensive! Just imagine, twenty more years down the road, just how expensive the prices will be if they keep on growing at these rates.

We could only wish

Could you imagine if prices were still like this today?

Posted by Truck180 on Tuesday, October 31, 2017

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