County Tractor + Buried Rock = Destroyed Plow… Oops!

There’s not much that will stop a huge tractor and a plow, except maybe a ...

There’s not much that will stop a huge tractor and a plow, except maybe a broken plow! This massive tractor seems to be having no problem ploughing up this land, easily dragging this 7-blade plow though the ground, leaving a trail of fresh earth to work with.

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However, as the rig reaches the camera, the plow snags a buried boulder and pops a couple of the blades, which stops the ploughing almost instantly. With the blades being broken and bent backward, the plow is unable to stay in the ground, meaning it will have to be repaired before work can continue. With several hundred horsepower on tap and likely four-digit torque numbers pulling the plow through the dirt, the weak links are definitely going to be quickly identified when all that pulling power meets and immovable object like a deeply buried rock.

Hopefully the repair didn’t take too long and the job was finished quickly.

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