Couple Gets Hounded with Parking Tickets for Countless Cars They Never Owned

As you may be familiar with, when you transfer a vehicle’s ownership in some ...

As you may be familiar with, when you transfer a vehicle’s ownership in some states, well, the tag stays with the vehicle. This just so happens to bring up situations where someone’s good idea for a vanity tag might be left with the car that they just sold. If you don’t like the tag, it’s not the biggest deal in the world because a quick trip to the DMV will give you a new tag, or at least you would think. For this California couple, they would get to get a new tag when they first purchased their 32 Ford, however, there were some slight complications with the former license plate that would end up hampering their good time.

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Now, the tag in question was “NEWCAR.” It seems like a simple enough tag and one that wouldn’t cause that much of an issue, however, when parking tickets started showing up on this couple’s doorstep, it would prove to be a fairly sizable issue, indeed. You see, when cars in the area would neglect to display number tags in favor of a dealer tag, the Party responsible for writing up the ticket would just write “new car” in the license number space on the ticket, indicating that it was a vehicle that had not yet received its tags. As you might be able to see at this point in time, all of these citations had gone to the new owners of the car that once donned that very combination of letters on the tag, even though they never even used that tag.

If you listen in to the video down below, you’ll be able hear about all the trials and tribulations of getting countless tickets for all different sorts of vehicles sent to your home. This couple is definitely going through some stressful times to try and get to the bottom of the issue and finally, with this news story’s help, it really seems like they’re making a little bit of traction. Six years later, it’s just the help that they so deserved to get to the bottom of this whole debacle.

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