Coworkers In This Office Prank Each Other Using Nitrous!

Here at Speed Society, we really have a lot going on with day-to-day operations. ...

Here at Speed Society, we really have a lot going on with day-to-day operations. Everyone has a full plate but every once in a while, we find a way to have a little bit of fun in between and, as car guys, you can imagine what some of this fun probably looks like. If you’ve spent any reasonable amount of time hanging out around a garage setting, you can probably picture what some of this foolery looks like. If only cameras were rolling all the time, you’d get to see even more ridiculous ideas come to life and some that maybe would have been safer to not have.

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In this one, we took it upon ourselves to get into a little fun and creative sort of prank series with a bottle of nitrous, or, a couple of them if we’re being honest. When our friends over at Nitrous Express sent over a couple of bottles, we got to using them in the best way that we know how… Okay, maybe actually using them on a car would be a lot more effective because this stuff really can give your ride a kick in the rear but when we thought this idea up, our inner child wouldn’t let it rest. When you see the look on some of our guys’ faces, you’ll understand why it was more than worth the effort!

Follow along in the video below that shows off this nitrous driven prank that really stirred up some interesting reactions. After you check out the prank session for yourself down in the video below, be sure to tell us which of these reactions you found be the funniest of the bunch. To be honest, we kind of thought everybody was going to freak out a little bit but in one or two cases, the person on the receiving end didn’t even flinch a single centimeter!

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