Crash Course With Daddy Dave!

Since the very first season of Street Outlaws, the name Daddy Dave has become ...

Since the very first season of Street Outlaws, the name Daddy Dave has become synonymous with the show. We’ve seen several other cars and drivers come and go, but Dave has been a constant presence not only on the 405’s Top Ten list, but usually at or near the top.

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As many of you remember, Daddy Dave started out driving the Sonoma for Jackie Knox. The truck was quick and spent much of the first couple of seasons at #1 while Dave fought off challenges from Murder Nova, Doc and Monza. After a successful run in the truck, Dave decided it was time to make a change and put his own ride on the list, opting to step out of the Sonoma and build his own car, a Chevy II he would have Goliath.

The nitrous-huffing Nova made an immediate impact on the list, only to suffer a devastating crash that set Dave back to square one as far as taking the top spot on the list in his own ride.

While he was regrouping, Dave jumped into the Plan B Corvette owned by Michael Henson and took the list by storm. However, after getting his fill of being talked down to because he was “only” the driver, Dave pulled Plan B off the list and finished his replacement ride, Goliath 2.0.

A lifelong nitrous fan, Dave brought 2.0 out on the spray, but shortly after debuting the car, made the switch to ProCharger power. It’s been pretty smooth sailing since then, with the new car also making itself right at home at the top of the list.

If there’s anything to be said about Dave, between the cars we’ve seen him drive on the show, his small tire racing, and even wheeling Keith Haney’s nitrous Pro Mod, it’s that the man can flat out drive anything. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him driving a nitro car at some point in the future, although he may be tempted to make a run at the list in a top fueler, since that seems to be where he’s most comfortable.


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