CRAZY 4800ci, Quad Turbocharged, Unlimited Diesel Pulling Tractor

CRAZY 4800ci, Quad Turbocharged, Unlimited Diesel Pulling Tractor* win this 1100hp ...

CRAZY 4800ci, Quad Turbocharged, Unlimited Diesel Pulling Tractor

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We have seen some insane power here on Speed Society. Everything from built semi trucks to nitrous freaks have come across our desks, but we’ve never seen anything built quite like this!

This diesel pulling tractor is built like nothing we’ve ever seen. The twin engine setup features 4800ci of power plant and FOUR TURBOS! That’s right, this beast is huffing hard with the ultimate amount of forced induction.

From what we have read in the comments, the engines are a pair of Russian V12s, so not only is this beast breathing well, but it has enough cylinders for the whole family as well. We’re surprised that the monster hasn’t changed the rotation of the earth.

Check out these three videos of the quad-turboed 24 cylinders of black smoke blowing fury below and let us know how you would put this brute to work.

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