Crazy Go Kart Crash! – Riders Spins Out Then Gets Crashed Into!

With one glance at this go kart racing, we can’t help but want to join in, ...

With one glance at this go kart racing, we can’t help but want to join in, however, if we did, we would have to take an extra close look at this particular turn while circling the track.

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From just this video alone, it seems that the guy with a camera mounted onboard isn’t the only one struggling with making his way around this turn.

We watch as the hairpin throws him off of the course along with another driver and moments later, yet another kart comes zooming off of the course, colliding with the camera kart.

Check out the video below as the situation gets a little bit hairy. That one almost hurt and this guy is lucky that the driver after him didn’t end up a couple of feet to his right! The situation ended up with a few broken parts, luckily, it wasn’t broken limbs!

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