Crazy Guy Jumps His Dodge Ram 2500 Into a Lake

Crazy Guy Jumps His Dodge Ram 2500 Into a LakeEnter to win this 850hp GT-R or $50,000 ...

Crazy Guy Jumps His Dodge Ram 2500 Into a Lake

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When a truck is down and out and it seems like it doesn’t have much life left, what better is there to do than beat the ever living mess out of it!

We’re going to be optimistic and hope that was the situation here, because after this jump, it doesn’t look like there’s going to be too much left in the tank for this old Dodge Ram.

This owner’s best means of getting rid of the old jalopy is to launch it off of a hill and into a small pond. What else would you do with such a truck?

Check out the video below as the truck is launched up high and comes down hard with a splash. Perhaps the best part of this video is the stunned look on the driver’s face at the end!

You won’t believe what this Jeep drive does. Does he think he’s in the Dukes of Hazard?



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