Crazy helicopter pilot flies directly through the rooster tail of a power boat

Some folks are cut out for the adrenaline junkie lifestyle and others, well, they ...

Some folks are cut out for the adrenaline junkie lifestyle and others, well, they would rather lean toward that side that includes sitting at home and just hanging out on the couch. We can definitely appreciate both but the latter doesn’t really produce many crazy videos for us to share with you.

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In this situation, we ride along on a powerboat as some friendlies hover slightly behind in a helicopter while riding at an incredibly low altitude behind the boat… a really low altitude.

As these folks have a screaming good time, the chopper has a little moment that gave us quite the scare as that driver grew a major set before crossing the wake of the boat and being pelted with its wake. You’d almost think that the chopper would go down under the weight of the water but it comes out on the other side with flying colors.

Check out the video below that shows just how close this guy was piloting the rig over top of the boat. That takes some skills and a little bit of confidence to carry off such an act.

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