Crazy Hit and Run – Guy Smashes 2 Cop Cars and Gets Away!

Crazy Hit and Run –  Guy Smashes 2 Cop Cars and Gets Away!* Click the image ...

Crazy Hit and Run –  Guy Smashes 2 Cop Cars and Gets Away!

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When this Chevrolet Blazer driver took off from police, he would eventually be tracked down, but before long, the driver would decided that he wasn’t done yet.

After the cops thought that they had the fugitive apprehended by sandwiching the stolen truck in between two police cruisers, the driver would begin to throw the truck in forward and reverse until he became free.

Even pepper spray wouldn’t deter this guy from going full Grand Theft Auto and ramming right through the attempted block by police.

Check out the video below as this truck is completely beaten beyond recognition. The driver was believed to have been battling mental health issues and was later apprehended.

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