Mega Cringe: Biker Confronts TV Show Fan Over “Sons of Anarchy” Vest

Back in 2001, the Sons of Anarchy television show was released. In this show, we met ...

Back in 2001, the Sons of Anarchy television show was released. In this show, we met a group of antiheroes. It followed the lives and dealings of the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club and attempted to dramatize that type of lifestyle. It managed to take some of the most heinous criminals and made fans root for them! Just like any other good antihero tale, SOA really managed to bring humanity to the Sons. As such, the show has had quite an influence on popular culture.

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Now, for those who are curious about this culture, there are some unspoken rules. The leather vest that we see in the video is known as a “cut,” an important part of the culture. With such an item of clothing comes a strict code. In this world, the code is taken seriously.

I’m not going to pretend to be any sort of professional on gang culture. However, it seems like some basic rules apply. For example, these cuts are designed to show rank and membership. Forcing someone to take off their cut would be a sign of disrespect. Furthermore, displaying the wrong cut could be another sign of disrespect.

In the video below, captured in Emmett, Idaho, we join in on a situation that honestly got a little bit cringeworthy. The man who is holding the camera seems to either be in some sort of motorcycle club or has spent too many hours watching TV. When he spots somebody sporting a cut representing the Sons of Anarchy, the fictional MC, he seems to get quite offended.

For the next three or so minutes, he continues to go on about how he would recommend that the guy wearing this piece of clothing take it off. All the while, he’s passively threating the guy, saying that he doesn’t want to jump to action because of the daylight. It’s really an oddity if we’ve ever seen one. I’m not sure if I’d go as far as calling the cameraman a poser. However, it would seem as if a legitimate MC member wouldn’t bother to film such an encounter.

We’re not sure who this man behind the camera is or who he’s associated with. The commenters had a good laugh in the matter, though!

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