Cross Karting… The New Motorsport You’re Going To Want To Try!

GUYS!!! We have found something you are going to want to go try… TODAY! This looks ...

GUYS!!! We have found something you are going to want to go try… TODAY! This looks like a great time and we’re definitely going to try it out as soon as we can.

Combining the awesome sports of go karting and rally racing with a little bit of drifting created a new sport called cross karting, and it looks absolutely like the most amazing type of racing we’ve ever seen. These karts look like small four wheeler chassis fitted with smaller wheels and tires and sat down low to put the driver nice and low to keep a safe center of gravity. The chassis are pretty versatile and can be driven on literally any surface, and that is a huge part of what makes the sport so interesting. From concrete to mud to ice, there’s no surface too sketchy for a cross karter.

The sport isn’t so much about top speed, although the karts to look like they’d run pretty good up top, but it’s more about precision driving like rally racing and drifting. These karts are small enough that a youngster could suit up and give it a try, but they’re also large enough to carry a grown man, so you and all your buddies from the neighborhood and turn one – or all – of your backyard into cross karting tracks and spend every weekend kicking each other’s asses.

That would be a great plan, building a neighborhood circuit and setting up a simple points system to keep up with who is the best driver in the cul de sac. We may have to put together a few of these rides here at Speed Society headquarters and find a local spot to race them.

If any of our fans out there has tried cross karting and has some footage, we would love to see it and may even share it if what you have is great stuff. Either way, hit us up in the comments with some links to check out and we’ll be looking for places to go race.


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