Cruising The Murder Nova to the Carwash… STREET CAR!!!

Cruising The Murder Nova to the Carwash… STREET CAR!!!Take home $50,000 in cash ...

Cruising The Murder Nova to the Carwash… STREET CAR!!!

Take home $50,000 in cash or this 900hp cts-v3!
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In the constant pursuit of ideal street car, the crew of Street Outlaws continuously carries out everyday tasks in their rides to show the world just how street they really are!

This time, Murder Nova takes the sinister black Chevrolet Nova out for a little spin and car wash just like any other car would do all while packing some major punch under the hood.

The 106-degree Oklahoma heat doesn’t seem to phase the car as it goes to and from the car wash and has a little bit of fun in between.

Check out Murder Nova strutting in the streets and stretching out its legs just a little bit. Maybe picking up groceries is next on the agenda!

Check it out as this killer Cummins blasts down a back road with 1300+hp



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