Crushing Adamantium with Hydraulic Press

Join us while we nerd out a little bit with our friends over at the Hydraulic Press ...

Join us while we nerd out a little bit with our friends over at the Hydraulic Press Channel, as they use their infamous press to destroy a ball bearing made of adamantium.

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Or, we should say, they try to destroy it. Instead, the press simply stops when it makes contact with the sphere. Baffled, our press operator cranks up the power in the press and seemingly squashes the bearing. Upon inspection, however, we see that the press just mashed the bearing down into the steel base itself, but remained completely intact. The press operator’s reactions are hilarious after this happens.

With the ball bearing hopelessly lost in the base, a new machined steel base is brought in and a mysterious character who just happens to have claws made of adamantium stands in, volunteering his metallic appendages to be pressed. Once again, the alloy proves too much for the base as the press smashes the claws into the steel base, prompting our test subject to have to rip his claws out of the base, leaving it sliced into four pieces.

This could very well be our favorite hydraulic press video, and now we’re looking for sources of adamantium!

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