Cutting An Engine With A 60,000 PSI Waterjet

If there’s one thing that the YouTube viewers seem to love, it’s a little ...

If there’s one thing that the YouTube viewers seem to love, it’s a little bit of good old-fashioned destruction, putting different objects to different tests to see just where their why boundaries lie and how much abuse they can withstand all at once.

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This time, we check out another demonstration from the waterjet channel that shows the powerful piece of equipment going up against an entire engine with the aim of cutting it in half to see exactly what it looks like inside with half of it being cut away.

Normally, this wouldn’t be something that would be easily accomplished without a powerful tool like this but thanks to the waterjet, we can take a pretty close look at the inside of the engine with ease to see how all of the components work together toward one goal of making power

Check out the clip below that shows the engine being sliced in half with absolute precision and what the end product looks like. This is most certainly a demonstration that you have got to see!

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