Dad Uses Backpack Blower to Propel Toddler Around on Tricycle!

I think moms have an innate sixth sense about things like this and know better than ...

I think moms have an innate sixth sense about things like this and know better than to leave the kids alone with dad unless they just absolutely have to. That’s part of the reason so many dads refer to keeping their own kids as babysitting, even though the kids are actually theirs, because they aren’t left in charge often.

My first instinct was to talk about the things that could go wrong, because that’s just how my overprotective dad brain works, but I’m not, because dammit, this looks like fun! Besides, I’m pretty sure the worst that could happen here would be a few scrapes and bruises, and these days, kids could use a whole lot more of that and less whining and acting like entitled jerks.

We all know most guys look for ways to have fun at every opportunity, and spending some time with the kids is no exception. With his hardhat and earmuffs on for safety – or just for fun, because it definitely adds some humor to the stunt – dad fires up his backpack style leaf blower and uses the blast of air for a reason that we have to assume Husqvarna didn’t include in the owner’s manual, unless it’s in the “Do Not Try This At Home” section. With his young son gripping the handlebars of his tricycle, his feet off the pedals for reasons you will understand quickly, dad aims the nozzle toward his son and cranks up the airflow, providing a nice strong breeze to send his boy out of the garage and into the driveway, where the adventure continues around a curve and onward a bit further.

Dad lets off the trigger and his son rolls to a stop, sharing a laugh and a high five before heading back toward the garage, presumably to do it all again! This looks like the kind of fun that kids will remember for decades, looking back fondly as he shares stories about “the time dad used the leaf blower to make me go soooo fast on my tricycle!”.

Get out there, moms and dads both, and make some memories with your kiddos. Sure, there’s a lot going on in all our lives, but they’re only little for so long, and it doesn’t take long for them to get to that point where parents are lame and they want nothing to do with you, so take advantage of them being little while you can!

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