Daddy Dave Has A Reply To Reaper’s Call Out!

If you’re going to call a longtime street racer out and imply that you are “more ...

If you’re going to call a longtime street racer out and imply that you are “more street” than he is, the street racing being called out probably shouldn’t be one of the most prolific and successful street racers in the midwest. And, if you’re going to call out one of the most successful street racers in your area and question his credentials at the same time, you might want to have some  pretty substantial credentials of your own to validate your call-out.

However, not everybody agrees with this, as we have seen recently when James Goad, also known as “Reaper”, called out “Daddy” Dave Comstock. Reaper, as far as the Comstock, Murder Nova and Big Chief can remember, was never raced on the street unless it was for filming Street Outlaws. These three were street racing long before there was even an idea to broadcast their antics into America’s collective living room each week, and will continue to do so between seasons and long after the show ends.

As they point out, you can find footage of them all racing on the street without television crews capturing the action from years ago and up to today, and you don’t even have to dig all that hard to find it. Evidence of Reaper racing on the street without Discovery’s cameras on hand seems to be as hard to find as a ginger albino, although if you listened to the podcast, you know the guys did manage to find one of those at Cracker Barrel here in my hometown of Athens, Alabama.

Dave, Shawn and Chief challenged the fans to find any evidence that Reaper ever did street race before the show began, offering a reward of an apparel care package from Midwest Street Cars and Daddy Dave as incentive to get out there and dig around for anything to back Reaper’s claims. You guys know what to do, get out there and get to work!


Take 2. Addressing a few more things! Big Chief, Murder Nova, Daddy Dave

Posted by Murder Nova on Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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