Daddy Dave (Sonoma) vs Monza (Camaro) from Street Outlaws

Daddy Dave (Sonoma) vs Monza (Camaro) from Street OutlawsThe Last CTS-V3 sweepstakes ...

Daddy Dave (Sonoma) vs Monza (Camaro) from Street Outlaws

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What happens when two of the biggest names in drag racing butt heads on an unprepped drag strip? In this video, we get just the chance to find out. The second place holder on the current Street Outlaws list, Daddy Dave’s GMC Sonoma lines up on the right and pole sitter, Monza’s Jet Blazk 72 Chevrolet Camaro stages on the left. Even though it isn’t officially for position, we have ourselves a race on our hands.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 3.00.32 PM


What looks to be an eighth mile race is started off with a flash light and it’s a blitz to the finish.  It looks like Daddy Dave and his 632 cubic inches aided by three stages of nitrous get out of the hole quicker, but will Monza’s 1500RWHP big block second gen be able to reel him back in? Check out the video below and see who went home with the win!

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