Daddy Dave vs Head Knocker Blown Chevy at Empire Dragway

If you endlessly search throughout the country, there will always be a never ending ...

If you endlessly search throughout the country, there will always be a never ending stream of people who are competitors for even the strongest cars out there on the strip. Otherwise, what would be the point of racing at all if no one were to take shots at those who find themselves near the top of the pack? This time, we check out another wild duel that takes Daddy Dave to Empire Dragway to check out the Head Knocker blown Chevrolet. Straight from the get-go, you can really tell that this car is no slouch as the owner is really setting up to give Dave a run for his money when the pair lines up and rockets down the drag strip.

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Tune in to the action as those cars burn some rubber and get those tires nice and sticky before lining up on the starting line and taking the green light, jumping off of the line and trying to get their best reaction time to get every last advantage possible before this race really gets underway. From there, it’s all driver as they plow their way down the track, attempting to keep the tires underneath the car with the perfect amount traction to make sure that power keeps on moving the car forward and not sideways. At the end of the day, the goal is for every pass to be as straight as an arrow and he who does it best has the best chance of winning!

Check out the video down below to see which of these two competitors was able to gather together the most traction to offset their power and boost them down the track to a victory. After watching this one unfold on the track, be sure to tell us what you think of this pair of competitors going head-to-head as they plow their way through the finish line one after the other. Unfortunately, at the end of an exciting race like this, only one person can be a winner!

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