Dale Earnhardt Jr. Gets His Fathers Race Car… Best Retirement Gift Ever From Talladega!

When it comes to NASCAR, there is no bigger name than Dale Earnhardt and when his son ...

When it comes to NASCAR, there is no bigger name than Dale Earnhardt and when his son burst onto the scene, the father-son relationship and rivalry that seemed to simultaneously exist managed to capture the entire world’s heart and attention. Now, since that time, years have passed and as the story has unfolded through several decades and now, it’s time for Junior to take his final laps as he has announced that this season will be his last for making laps around a NASCAR track. As such, everyone has erupted¬†with their opinions on the matter and we’ve been seeing some pretty interesting displays unfold as a result.

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This time, we catch up with a heart-warming moment as Dale Earnhardt Jr. ends up getting one of his father’s old racecars, the number 2 machine that would help dad make his way to a championship in the year of 1980. To some, it might just seem like an old racing machine but to Junior, as you can probably imagine, being able to have one of dad’s old race cars in the garage is probably worth a lot more than others could ever imagine. Watching the scene unfold is nothing short of touching to watch. This is going to be one that he cherishes for a long time.

When you think about the fact that Earnhardt Jr. is retiring this year, it’s a truly bittersweet movement for fans to watch as this era comes to an end but, before long, we will see the next generation of racers beginning to make their mark on the sport. Whether or not another iconic household set of names will emerge from NASCAR as a father and son duo is yet to be seen but I think that it’s pretty safe to assume that there will ever be another Earnhardt family.

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