Ex-Dallas Cowboys WR Terrance Williams’s Trashed Lamborghini Up For Sale

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, Terrence Williams had a heck of a 2018. In quite ...

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, Terrence Williams had a heck of a 2018. In quite the viral story, he drunkenly crashed his Lamborghini Huracan. The crash itself wasn’t the biggest part of this situation that made it go viral. What did go viral was a police video that had Williams bicycling back to the scene of the accident. In this video where he was clearly inebriated, he couldn’t help but fall over the handlebars. After the fact, questioning from police was nothing short of an absolute disaster. 2019 didn’t start off much better for him as a story involving a Hellcat repossession popped up in the news once again.

Hopefully, from these incidents, Williams is able to turn a page. As an All-American talent, it’s a shame to let that ability go to waste. While he isn’t one of the hot names in NFL free agency this year, we wouldn’t be shocked if a team decided to pick him up as a low-cost option to give him another opportunity. After all, he did have some decent production with Dallas over the years. At 29-years-old, he’s getting up there in age for an NFL receiver but could have a few good years left in the tank.

Recently, though, his name has popped up in the news once again. This time, though, it wasn’t because of anything that Williams did or did not do. Instead, the aforementioned Lamborghini has popped up for sale. Salvage auctions have been a rather popular theme on YouTube so it leads us to wonder if someone from that community. will take the opportunity to hop on this car.

The starting bid of the wrecked Italian car was $75,000. As of the writing of this article, it sits at just over $76,000. With these sorts of salvage vehicles, one can never tell if it’s a good deal until digging into it. Who knows, though? Maybe this gaudy blue Lamborghini with matching wheels could end up being quite a steal and easy repair for somebody.

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