DAMN SHE CAN DRIVE! – 2000+HP GTR Doesn’t lift

GTR’s are cool. Girl drivers are cool. Girls driving GTR’s are really cool, so what ...

GTR’s are cool. Girl drivers are cool. Girls driving GTR’s are really cool, so what word do you use to describe a girl driving a GTR that cranks out over 2,000 horsepower to the wheels???

How about freakin BADASS? That’s about the best we got, and that’s exactly how I’d describe Alex and her TopSpeed-built GTR, especially when she makes her quickest pass to date and has to wrestle the car back into the center of the lane, which she does like a seasoned veteran driver.

You can clearly see the car make a huge move when she launches, moving the full width of the car toward the centerline before Alex wrangles it up and drives it right back into the groove of the track. By the time the car finds the sticky part of the track, it’s hooked up and ready to send all 2,000 ponies to the tires and makes a stellar looking run through the rest of the 1320.

When the scoreboard lights up with an impressive 7.61 elapsed time at 185 MPH, certainly reason for the crew to cheer as she crossed the stripe. Those numbers are impressive for any type of car short of the top tier professional classes, especially considering many drivers would have aborted after such a sketchy launch. However, Alex had no fear and kept her foot planted while easing the car back to where it needed to be to hook and book to the finish line.

Alex’s son also made a pass in his GTR, which cranks out 1,200 horsepower. With zero experience in a car with any appreciable power, he has a little difficulty with the launch but puts up a big speed, showing the car’s potential when he gets a little more seat time and is able to launch harder.

The rest of the video features some more badass GTR’s laying it down on the track, brought to us by the guys over at That Racing Channel.

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