Daredevil Attempts to Jump a Rocket-Assisted Lincoln Over the St. Lawrence River

In this day and age, everything related to safety seems to be so advanced that even ...

In this day and age, everything related to safety seems to be so advanced that even when a daredevil tries to pull off a stunt, there a rather high chance that they won’t be risking their life, pending a couple of guys who really push it to the limits and see exactly how far they can take their human body before it gives out on them.

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This time, however, we take a bit of a throwback route that puts us right in the thick of things when this old school daredevil pushes himself to the limit in one of the most sketchy and seemingly unrefined ways possible, really putting up the chance that he’s going to be able to come out of this thing on the other side alive.

With the help of a Lincoln Continental, of all cars, that is fitted with a rocket engine, this daredevil is set to make the trek up a monstrous ramp that will aim to shoot him over the St. Lawrence River, a feat that, with this car, looks to be something that is nearly impossible. If this isn’t screaming out sketchy to you at this point, then you might want to go and get checked out.

Check out the video down below that shows off the effort that ended way short of where they had planned for it to be. Luckily, even though the car didn’t make the jump, the driver was able to find his way out of the wreckage in one piece. This is something that you most certainly won’t see in today’s entertainment, so grab a bucket of popcorn and cherish this one for all that it’s worth.

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