Dash Cam Video Captures School Bus Being Swept Away As Driver Attempts To Roll Through Raging Water

While driving on the roadways, it’s important to have plenty of caution as you ...

While driving on the roadways, it’s important to have plenty of caution as you never really know what’s going on around you and how those things might change quickly. If you approach an area, let’s say, with water flowing across the roadway, this might be a situation where you exercise even more caution. After all, you don’t want to make your way across, only to be swept away by the water after it simply gets too deep in your car cannot touch the ground any longer. Such caution should be doubled down upon when you’re driving a school bus with children in it as well.

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This time, we follow along with a situation that tackles just that set of circumstances as a bus driver approaches water on the road and, after going around a roadblock, would try to go through it with one child remaining on the bus. However, as it turned out, the water was simply too much and would end up sweeping the school bus away as the entire thing was captured on dash cam and had to be quite a terrifying situation for both parties onboard as there was nothing that they could do but hold on to hope that they would figure out a way to get to dry land before the bus would sink to the bottom or throw them into the quickly moving water.

If you follow along with the video below, it shows the dash cam footage of the entire thing unfolding. Since the incident, none of the occupants of the bus were injured, however, the child on board was reportedly traumatized from the entire situation, reasonably so, and the bus driver has since been arrested. There has not been any word on what is going to happen in regards to this individual’s job behind the wheel of a school bus.

Leander ISD bus drives into low water crossing

BREAKING: Dash cam video has been released of a Leander ISD bus driving into a low-water crossing last week. INFO: http://bit.ly/2Obr1O6

Posted by News 4 San Antonio on Friday, October 26, 2018

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