Dashcam Catches Noob SEMI Truck Driver Hitting Other Trucks Trying to Park

When driving a big rig, lots of factors come into play. It isn’t like driving a ...

When driving a big rig, lots of factors come into play. It isn’t like driving a small car where you can just hop behind the wheel and mosey about your business with relative ease no matter what kind of experience you have had while driving in the past.

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This time, we capture a scene showing a driver who appears to be pretty new at this or half asleep at the wheel when he was trying to take his semi truck and trailer and back it into a parking spot. The funny part of the whole ordeal is that the driver of the truck whose dash cam caught the incident was asleep the entire time!

We watch as this poor driver struggles mightily to position the truck just right as to fit into the parking spot, but he doesn’t end up having much luck as he backs into several other trucks before finally calling it quits. If we were to say one thing about this painful display it’s that the struggle here is mighty real.

Follow along in the video down below that shows you the action as this parking scuffle unfolds right in front of our eyes. I’m not really sure how the guy who had the dash cam in his truck managed to sleep through this entire thing! He even admits that he isn’t quite sure how it happened, either.

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