David “Bird” Jones VS “The Kid” Hotter -N- Hell No Prep

When you throw a couple of cars out there on the track during a no prep racing event, ...

When you throw a couple of cars out there on the track during a no prep racing event, you never know what’s going to happen. No matter who has the faster machine or the car that’s better set up, many times, it will all come down to the driver as the lack of track prep leads to a spin-fest a lot of time for drivers who are struggling to regain traction and make their way down the racing surface. This can create some interesting close calls that really put the drivers’ abilities to the test to see exactly what they can do when up against some of the best competition in the world. That’s exactly why these events have become as large as they have.

This time, we watch one of the main eventers in David “Bird” Jones as he takes on “The Kid” in the “Hotter-n-Hell” no prep that looks to have a pretty good amount of folks on hand to watch as this race unfolds when these drivers push their cars to the limit, all while keeping in mind that pushing it too far could easily mean broken traction and a car sliding to places where they don’t want to be. Nobody wants that to happen because that’s when things really begin to get ugly out there!

Follow along in the clip below as brought to us by NXGonzo Video and be sure to sound off about what you think of this pair of cars that are muscling their way to the finish line with a vengeance. Unfortunately, for one of these drivers, there can only be a single car that goes home with the win. It came down to be a really close race but at the end of the day, one car was able to inch out the other!

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