Deadly Harley Davidson Jump Attempt Ends in Close Call!

For those to head out and try to attempt stunt maneuvers on their motorcycles, ...

For those to head out and try to attempt stunt maneuvers on their motorcycles, sometimes these guys really and up playing with fire in the edgiest way possible and attempting to carry out jumps that really look to be defying death by looking it right in the face and laughing! If one thing goes wrong in the smallest way, it could mean a worst-case scenario for the men and women who get behind the handlebars and that’s exactly what they’re trying to avoid every time.

This time, we check out a Harley-Davidson jump attempt that could have ended in a terrible fashion and nearly did! With some quick thinking, though, this rider was able to save himself from going down hard. While this one might not have killed him in the act, falling off the bike would have definitely felt pretty rough in the morning if not for a couple of weeks following the stunt.

We watch as the rider approaches the ramp with a vengeance, launches himself off of the structure and does clear it… Almost. As he comes down on the other side, the back tire of the motorcycle ends up clipping the landing ramp and sending the rear ended of the bike up into the air with the rider being flung off and being left to use his strength to return to the motorcycle instead of down to the ground.

Check out the clip down below that will take you along for this scary moment as this rider really put it all on the line and even after all that practice, nearly came up short! This probably wasn’t how this guy planned on ending his moment in the spotlight, but then again, this one could’ve really gotten a lot worse and he should feel lucky that he didn’t end up sliding along the ground to end this stunt display.

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