Death Trap Chuck vs The Unicorn Nitrous chevy at Tucson Street Outlaws No Prep

Last weekend, following the huge turnout and response to the Bristol No Prep event ...

Last weekend, following the huge turnout and response to the Bristol No Prep event episode, Discovery Channel took the show west and rolled into Tucson Dragway for another race with a nice fat check for the winner. With another huge group of stars from the show as well as some of the biggest names in no prep racing on the property, that $40,000 check would certainly be earned, with the winner almost guaranteed to have to take out some heavy hitters on the way to the win.

Although he was recently dethroned as the #1 car on the 405’s Top 10 list on Street Outlaws, Chuck Seitsinger is still one of the baddest dudes on the street and the track in his Death Trap Mustang. Chuck’s known for leaving hard and running straight no matter what the track conditions are, so anybody who has the misfortune of drawing him knows they have their work cut our for them.

At the Tucson race, Chuck drew the great looking 1955 Chevy known as The Unicorn, a nitrous injected big block powered car that certainly looked and sounded like it would give Chuck a run for his money. The Unicorn didn’t lay down the best burnout, though, and that could have been part of the problem when the tree came down and the driver of the Unicorn had to pedal the throttle a couple of times due to the car spinning. Meanwhile, in the other lane, the Death Trap hit the tires and planted them and left hard, pulling out to a big lead, and it’s a good thing too. It looked like something let go in Chuck’s engine around 3/4 of the way through the run, but he’d pulled out to enough of a lead that the 55 was unable to reel him in, despite making a hard run at the top end.

Chuck coasted through and turned on the win light, but it’s not clear if he hurt the engine too bad to continue in the race. Either way, he took the win in this round, sending The Unicorn to the trailer for the night.

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