Demon Performance Modded Trackhawk Lays the Law Down in Half Mile

When it’s time to talk about the noteworthy family haulers that also dip their ...

When it’s time to talk about the noteworthy family haulers that also dip their toes into the performance sector, these days, unfortunately, the market is getting smaller and smaller. It’s really a shame because many truck enthusiasts would love to have back days where the SUV wars really captivated our attention across brands. While there aren’t as many traces of performance SUVs out there today, one of the brands that really remains strong in the category is Jeep. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the cornerstones of the SUV market, in fact, and has several high-performance offerings that are just too good to not dig into

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The highest performance offering of the bunch and one that tends to draw the most eyeballs is certainly the Trackhawk package. Boasting a whole barrage of power via the same power plant that you will find under the hood of anything with a Hellcat badge, the Trackhawk is certainly a machine that isn’t a beating around the bush when it comes to showing off just how much muscle it really has. In fact, we would be so inclined to say that if you were to pick out a performance SUV that really delivers on the performance side of that equation, this is your best bet.

This time, we’re able to dig into not just any jeep but a modified Trackhawk that absolutely screams. If you thought that 770 supercharged horsepower was enough to tickle your fancy, just imagine when you introduce a couple of pullies into that equation along with some professional tuning by the guys at Demon Performance and a list of supporting modifications. Let’s just say that for a heavyweight, this thing certainly knows how to get down. It even flexes its muscles against some opponents that probably never saw it coming.

Modded Trackhawk Laying it down!

Couple of mods really wake these Trackhawks up!

Posted by BigKleib34 on Thursday, 10 January 2019

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