WATCH: Check Out Dennis Collins’s Pristine Jeep CJ Collection

For those who have yet to meet Dennis Collins, allow us to introduce you to one of ...

For those who have yet to meet Dennis Collins, allow us to introduce you to one of the biggest Jeep fanatics in the country. His company, Collins Bros Jeep, specializes in jeeps from 1976 to today. As one might imagine, finding an old Jeep from the CJ days in good condition is probably tough to come by. The CJ platform ended back in the year of 1986 and most have been hounded on. After all, Jeeps like this had been designed for daily use and off-roading. The combination of factors could really put a strain on a vehicle and wear it down. We would have to think that most people who bought them new probably weren’t thinking about preserving them.

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However, Collins doesn’t seem to be the one to be interested in selling any sort of junk. Instead, pretty much everything that we have seen go through the shop has been something to appreciate. This time, he takes us through their current collection of Jeep CJs. These things are immaculate!

While keeping in mind that all of these jeeps are over a quarter century old, it’s not too hard to appreciate the condition that they’re in. Some of them are moving in on the half-century mark, as well! Some folks have cars that are only a couple of years old and aren’t in this good of shape. However, these Jeeps seem to have withstood the test of time and really offer a showroom finish all of these years later.

By following along with the video below, we basically get to take a ride in that time capsule. Jeep enthusiasts, brace yourselves because there are certainly some pristine examples here to fall in love with. We don’t think that these Jeeps are going to see an off-road environment anytime soon. They certainly are something to sink our teeth into and appreciate, though.

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