Deputy Traveling at High Speeds Nails a Deer over 110 MPH!

Running into a deer definitely is not fun in the least. As somebody who has managed ...

Running into a deer definitely is not fun in the least. As somebody who has managed to clobber one of Bambi’s poor cousins, it’s a situation that makes your entire body react in a way that you might’ve never imagined possible. After trying to figure out what happened and stepping outside to observe the damage, you may find that even after it has all gone down, you might still be shaking with adrenaline. These situations have been known to cause incredible damage and, if you’re unlucky enough, it might even cause bodily injury.

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Now, based on the description that we previously gave, running into a deer isn’t something that you’re going to want to deal with at all. Now, to make matters even worse, you can find these circumstances unfolding while you’re traveling at a high rate of speed. That appears the exact situation for this police officer as he had his lights blaring, apparently, on his way to an emergency, as he would plow straight into a deer that he never saw coming. When you’re moving at north of 100 hundred miles an hour through the night, it’s definitely something that can sneak up on you quickly and that’s exactly what happened here as the deer ran out on the highway and got completely obliterated.


If you follow along in the video below, you can see footage from the incident as the car and deer nearly became one as this thing pretty much found a way to explode into nothingness in the night air. Thankfully, the officer appears to be alright, however, the car is probably going to have to be retired from the fleet. With a situation like this, he’s going to have his head on a swivel for a while but, after a couple of months pass, he should be able to return back to normal driving once again. Looking back on this one, this officer should be thankful to be able to have walked away from that one.

Deputy Hits Deer

I know a few deputies who know this feeling intimately. I’m glad the Deputy is ok.

Posted by U.S. Law Enforcement on Friday, October 27, 2017

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